Website Update 17 Feb 2019

GO BAMBOO PRODUCTS HAVE ARRIVED ON SITE- Cotton Buds, Stainless Steel Straws, Toilet Paper, Pegs & Vege Brushes.
Thank you for being so diligent in keeping to your collection times.  The food is already delicate and with this heat of late, you do need to take extra care in keeping produce air tight and chilled.
  • The local Spinach is now being cut again.
  • Local Sweet corn has arrived and this is a sweet cob I am told.
  • We will see the first of the new season Egg Plant also this week.
  • Royal Gala Apple are now being picked and arrive this week.
  • The Local Chillies are now being picked and are just lovely.  All our local food is cut to your order so you are getting the freshest greens around.
  • Ginger and Tumeric are now selling again.
  • We received a new batch of Short Cucumbers this week and of really great value and size.
  • New season Watermelon have arrived.  These are selling in 2kg lots.
  • The first lot of New season Pears are here and in abundance.  You will see a price reduction as the season advances.
  • Please have your orders in by Tuesday 10am thank you.

Kind regards and have a great week ahead everyone.

Pauline Douglass 🙂