Website Update 10.11.18

We are seeing the very first of the Summer produce this coming week. 

  • New season Capsicums Yellow are being cut this coming week.
  • Broad Beans are also coming along and we will see these this Thursday.
  • Our local Turnips are also being supplied at a very good price.
  • The local Cos Lettuce is selling.
  • The last of the NZ Apples are being supplied.  The Gala and Fuji are still not too bad for this time of year…
  • We have now come to the end of the Pumpkins altogether.  Lets hope these aren’t too far away.
  • You will notice a lovely price reduction in Beetroot and the Juicing are here also.

Collection Times need to be advised upon placing of orders please.  Its getting hotter outside and this produce is delicate so do advise me if you are unable to collect at the agreed time so I can place your order back into refridgeration.  Please have your orders in by 10am Tuesday thank you.

Pauline Douglass