Website Update 14.07.18

Whats new this week

Not a lot of alterations this week.  The rain and frosts continue to dampen new growth so we are seeing smaller less attractive produce coming our way.  I am doing my utmost to source the highest of nutritional food for our tables I promise you.

– New season Hass Avocado have arrived yet these are not cheap and will be firm on arrival.  Price reductions will come as the season advances.
– The Jazz Apples on special this week are a real treat.  These are small apples and are of Export quality.
Juicing Celery have come down in price this week.
– We had our first lot of Fennel this week and as expected they are lovely.  These are full of flavour and sweet.

Its a lovely day of sunshine today so I hope you are all enjoying some fresh air.  Have a great weekend and thanks so much for your custom.   Pauline Douglass