20 May 2018 Update

Orders are due by Tues 10am

  • New season Tangelo have just come off the tree.  These are lovely and sweet with tons of juice.
  • Hass Avocado have arrived.  These are new season and will take time to ripen.
  • I have one of the last crates of Brown Onion in the North Island I reckon, so buy these now as there may be another week or two without any…store well, cool, dry and dark.
  • I know I keep saying it yet the local Rocket and Salad Mix at the moment is just AMAZING…its so fresh and full of flavour. This produce is ‘cut to your order’.
  • My last brag for the week…..KALE…its a day fresh from your tables and its sweet and flavoursome….its affordable and see below on some tips for using Kale in the kitchen.

Using Kale in the kitchen

  • Kale Chips are great for a quick snack.  The kids will love them and I believe they are best served fresh.
  • Fresh Kale in a salad of any choice is a great way to boost nutrient level of any dish.
  • Used as you would say Silverbeet or Spinach in stews and stirfrys.
  • An excellent green to juice as Kale is a very high nutrient food, high in Iron & Vit C, K & A, a great antioxidant, anti inflammatory, low in calorie and high in fibre and also helps lower cholesterol.

This sunshine over the weekend has been lovely and hopefully adding to some fresh green growth with our fruit and vegetables.  Here’s to more sunshine and may you all have a happy week ahead.  🙂

Pauline Douglass