18 November 2017- Organic News

Please have any orders in before Tues 10am.

  • The local Rocket being cut at the moment is of top quality and full of flavour..A high recommend
  • Green Capsicum are now being cut. Selling in 250gm lots which should get you 2 small capsicums for that weight or 1 very large size.
  • The Kale has been placed back onto the site yet supplies are limited hence only selling in the smaller 330gm bags.
  • We will see new season Courgettes on next wks supply list.
  • Rocket Potato are now being dug.  These will be little beauties.
  • Limes have finished… 🙁
  • We managed to get some lovely Brocolli and hopefully another lot coming in this coming week.

Thanks very much everyone and have a great week ahead.  Do remember, if you have any issues what so ever, i do want to know about it.  We are all working together to build this industry 🙂

Kind regards, Pauline Douglass