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Website is updated every Saturday with the following week’s estimated prices and produce.  

Once we receive your order we source the produce, this means you get the freshest possible food available. 

Produce arrives in fresh each Thursday and dispatched within a day.

Order days: Fri to Tues 7am.

  • Pick up the following Thursday from 3-pm thereafter or earlier as per arrangement.  Friday/Saturday pick ups are an option if needed.

  • Delivery on Friday to the greater Auckland area, Albany to Meremere.  We also offer a Coromandel delivery which is also same day Friday.

  • Orders received after the cut-off time will be held over for the following week’s trading.

2000px-Shopping_cart_icon.svgOption 1: Enter into the Shop Page, select the category you wish to shop from and begin shopping.  Once complete, continue into your Cart and follow instructions to check out.  After your order is placed, you will be given an order number and a confirmation will be forwarded to you via email with any special instructions confirmed at the same time.

On your first shop with Holistic Toolbox Ltd, you will be asked to create an account with all details held on file.  Please remember to take note of your password otherwise you may be locked out and need to reset your password.  This information is kept confidential and will not be shared with any other companies.

Option 2: Simply email a list of what you want to

Once you have made your first purchase with HTB, a weekly email will be forward to you to show you the latest updates and specials for the following week. Prices constantly change in the organic world and we are always striving to put new requests onto our shopping cart. If you do not wish to order, simply delete the email.

Holistic-Toolbox-Circles_Pickup-1 Pick Up:

  • Produce & dry goods are all sourced and packaged to your order and arrive fresh every Thursday.
  • You can pre-arrange a collection direct from the depot in Ina Ville Drive, Pukekohe anytime from 3pm thereafter on Thursdays or earlier if pre-arranged.  Friday pick up is an option if required.  
  • Pick up address is provided with order confirmation details.


Holistic-Toolbox-Circles_Delivery-1 Delivery: Delivery on Friday to the greater Auckland area, Albany to Meremere.  We also offer a Coromandel delivery which is also same day Friday. We cover the following areas:

  • Pukekohe & surrounding districts $10.00 per 25kg.
  • Rural deliveries can also be made at $15 up to 20kg per ticket.
  • Auckland City wide $13.00 per 25kg.  Albany to Meremere
  • Pukekohe to Coromandel run, $15 per 25kg.
  • Our courier service is not refrigerated so any perishable foods sent are at the risk of the buyer.  No guarantees are given to your produce arriving in the condition it left in.  In the summer months, a recycled ice pack may be placed into your parcel to help ensure lasting freshness.
Holistic-Toolbox-Circles_Payment-1 Payment Options:

  • When placing your first order only, an invoice for pre-payment, prior despatch will be emailed to you upon confirmation of your order.
  • For subsequent orders, please pay only after receiving your order as sometimes seasonal availability can alter the price.  An invoice will be included with your goods or emailed to you after completion of your order.
  • Internet banking or telephone transfer is a preferred method of payment. Please discuss if you are wanting to use other forms of payment.
  • Please pay within 24 hrs of receiving your goods.

What’s in season When purchasing Organic Food, you will notice that you can only purchase what is IN SEASON at the time. If it is summer, the Berries & Melons are out or if it is Autumn, the root veges are arriving fresh. The Farmers are going to store their produce as long as possible and no chemicals are used to prolong the process.

Click to view seasonal information

Spring Summer Autumn Winter
Brocolli Beetroot Beetroot Beans
Beans Brocolli Brocolli Beetroot
Cabbage Buttercup Cabbage Brocolli
Carrots Capsicum Carrots Cabbage
Cauliflower Carrots Cauliflower Carrots
Courgettes Cauliflower Cava Nero Cauliflower
Kumara Cava Nero Celery Celery
Lettuce Celery Courgettes Courgettes
Pumpkin Courgettes Kale Kale
Radishes Cucumbers Kumara Kumara
Salad Greens Kale Leeks Parsnip
Salad Mix Kumara Lettuce Pumpkin
Silverbeet Lettuce Parsnip Radish
Spinach Pumpkin Radishes Salad Greens
Spring Radishes Salad Silverbeet
Salad Greens Silverbeet Spinach
Silverbeet Spinach Spring Onion
Spinach Swedes Swedes
Spring Onion Turnips Yams
Apples Apples Apples Apples
Avocado Avocado Avocado Avocado
Banana Banana Banana Banana
Kiwifruit Blueberries Kiwifruit Kiwifruit
Grapefruit Melons Limes Grapefruit
Manderin Peaches Manderin Manderin
Oranges Oranges Oranges Oranges
Pears Pears Pears Pears
Strawberries Plums Persimmon Limes
Tangelos Watermelon Tamirillo Lemons

Tips for storage of organic food     Refrigerate & store as soon as possible
No preservatives are used to keep or grow your produce so please take more care with storage. Wash and store in air tight containers in the refrigerator and they will last much longer.
*Avoid getting the bananas humid or hot as this will ripen them quicker.
• The most beneficial state of your organic food is in its freshest, uncooked stage. Raw.
• Remember, beauty is only skin deep
• Eat what is in season and become creative in feeding your family
• Enjoy the unique raw taste of every fruit and vegetable harvested in its natural form.
• Feel secure in the decision of reducing harmful toxins consumed by your family on a daily basis
• Enjoy the healing vibrant energy while consuming natural food.
“With organic fruit and vegetables, there are no tricks, what you get is true old fashioned flavour and goodness. They are grown in clean fertile soils, naturally ripened and no toxic chemicals are used to enhance the flavour or boost the size”.

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