Aromatherapy & Massage Courses Info

Holistic Massage – Level 1

Level 1  Covers :

Theory – General Health conditions, Preparation of a client, technique and general points to remember.  Anatomy notes are included in price.

Practical – Explanation and demonstration of massage techniques covering areas Back, Neck and Shoulders.  You will be working in pairs and rotating amongst yourselves so you can experience as many body types as you can while learning. (Please note Men AND Woman may be on this course and full respect and honour of everyones personal needs are at the top of my requirements and expectation.  Any specific needs will be kept in full confidence to enable everyone to feel cared for.)

This course is designed for you to become more in tune with your own personal intuitive touch and enable a view of massage on a holistic level.

What to Expect:

* Expect to be able to work with your family and friends at the end of Level 1.  You may even   want to earn some extra income with your new skills if you continue with all 3 Levels.

* You receive a manual to keep which includes all course notes.

* Each Level has a certificate of acknowledgement gifted to you.

* You get to take home a bottle of Massage oil.

* Tea Break treats are included in the cost.

* The full Massage course is held in 3 Levels.

Duration of Level 1 Held over 2 days, usually a Sunday with at least 4 hrs per day.  A solid 8 hrs training in total.  Not including break times. A break is given in between days as you need to go away and practise before the 2nd half of the Level one.

Cost:  $200 covers 2 days. ($100 deposit required 2 weeks prior to start date thank you).

Possible Dates:  Either September 9th & 23rd OR Sept 16th & 30th (please advise a preferred date)

Possible Times:  10am – 3.30-4pm  (please advise a more preferred time if you want)


Aromatherapy – Level 1

Possible Course Dates: Either August 12th OR 26th please advise a date best for you.

Possible Times Approx. 10am to 4.30pm (we will need at least 6 hrs) please advise a more appropriate time if required.

  • Held at Ina Ville Drive, Pukekohe.
  • Morning and afternoon tea is provided.  We break for lunch and fresh Air.
  • Cost of course is $160.00  (poster does not resemble recent price increase).
  • $100 Deposit is required to secure your seat 2 weeks prior to start date thank you.

Please see Education page for more info from the poster.