HToolboxAromatherapy_3 Aromatherapy – Level One

Enhancing Your Life with Essential Oils.

Date: Aug 12 or 26th.

Details:  I am taking numbers now to fill the course.


  • 10am to 4.30pm. We break for a lunch break.
  • Held at Ina Ville Drive, Pukekohe
  • Morning and afternoon tea is provided
  • Cost of course is only $160.00 (poster does not resemble recent price increase).
  • You take home a course manual and a bottle of your own blend you have made up during tuition.
  • ($100 Deposit is required to secure your seat thank you).

“I loved the aromatherapy education course. Pauline was extremely kind and knowledgeable and provided a warm, comfortable environment for learning. I particularly enjoyed learning about the different notes of essential oils and the hands on experience of how to blend. Since completing the course I have felt Pauline has gone above and beyond by providing support and information to me for creating my own blends for use during labor and have since used different blends to clean my home! I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is considering it.” – Tamara Ramsay

Past courses: “It’s an amazing hands-on opportunity to play and have fun exploring realms of healing. The environment allows you to be yourself, express you’re own colours and build your flair. Pauline is a beautiful soul who’s guidance and passion is inspirational.” – Emma Kelly

Coming soon:

HolisticTherapiesPoster_2bHolistic Therapies

“Myself & my sister attended Paulines 10wk Holistic Healing course. We knew we were intrigued by the healing modalities yet we did not want to pay out hundreds of dollars to sign up for a lengthy course. We came away from this enlightend & very excited about implementing our new tools into our every day family lives. Thanks so much for helping us see our own special talents & guiding us through our personal healing. We highly recommend this course for any person wanting to better their own lives.” – Tamsyn Dearlove

Holistic Massage – Level 1


This course is designed for you to become more in tune with your own personal intuitive touch and enable a view of massage on a holistic level.

Theory – General Health conditions, Preparation of a client, Technique and general points to remember.  Anatomy notes are included in price.

Practical Explanation and demonstration of massage techniques covering areas Back, Neck and Shoulders.  You will be working in pairs and rotating amongst yourselves so you can experience as many body types as you can while learning. One on One tutoring with a therapist with over 30yrs experience.

What to Expect:

* Expect to be able to work with your family and friends at the end of Level 1.  You may even want to earn some extra income with your new skills if you choose to complete all 3 Levels.

* You receive a manual to keep which includes all course notes.

* Each Level has a certificate of acknowledgement gifted to you.

* You get to take home a bottle of Pure and Natural Massage Oil.

* Tea Break treats are included in the cost.

* The full Massage course is held in 3 Levels.

Duration of Level 1:  Held over 2 days, usually a Sunday with a solid 4 hrs per day.  8 hrs training in total.  Not including break times.

Cost:  $200 ($100 deposit required 2 weeks prior to start date thank you).

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