Babies to Toddlers Mixed Fruit & Vegie Box


Cert Organic

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All produce is certified Organic and NZ growen (other than the Bananas which are from Equador usually)

This delicious & nutritious box of fresh Fruit & Vegetables will help ensure a healthy immune system and give your child the best possible start in life. Foods selected for your baby or toddler, are kept simple & plain to aid in their proper digestive function.

Rest assured that eliminating food toxins from your babies/toddlers diet will have them flourishing.

Please refer to the ‘Fresh Produce’ section to see what is in season at the moment and what produce is available this coming week.

We aim to provide as much produce as possible so will shop for the more affordable foods unless otherwise requested.

AN EXAMPLE as at 17 June 18;

Crown Pumpkin x half, Silverbeet x 330gm, Carrots x .5kg, Pears x .5kg, Bananas x .5kg, Kiwifruit Gold x .250gm, Mandarin x 250gm & Kumara Red 250gm.

STANDING ORDERS, please call on 09 239 1701 or email your request to

NO FEES to alter or amend your box at any time.

We welcome a LIKES & DIS-LIKES list for any standing orders.

n or to request produce NOT required in your box.  If you would like to make a standing order, please call on 09 239 1701 or email your request to You can alter, amend or pause your vege box at any time and at no extra cost. We welcome a Likes and Dis-likes list for any standing orders.


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