Kids Fruity Lunch Box


Cert Organic

  • volume: each


With this box, you are going to be feeding your kids the most high nutrient, rich in energy, fruit & vegetabels you can feed them.  Rest assured they will begin to ask for more of their favourites and they will notice the difference in their energy levels let alone restoring health to their stomachs hence increasing zing to their day through hightened immunity and resistance.

Please refer to the ‘Fresh Produce’ section to see what is in season at the moment and what produce is available this coming week.

We aim to provide as much produce as possible so will shop for the more affordable foods unless otherwise requested.

AN EXAMPLE as at 17 June 18;

Apples x 1kg, Bananas x 1kg, Pears x750gm, Kiwifruit Gold .500gm, Kiwifruit Green .500gm & Mandarin x 750gm.

STANDING ORDERS, please call on 09 239 1701 or email your request to

NO FEES to alter or amend your box at any time.

We welcome a LIKES & DIS-LIKES list for any standing orders.




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